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Understanding Spirit

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Bishop David Parry 20180920


Episode Description:
Host Reverend Father Alan cox is joined by Bishop David Parry. This week they will be talking about the arts including theatre.

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Reverend Dr. Ryan Cleminson 20180913


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox talks to Rt Reverend Dr. Ryan Cleminson. He talks about his life and religious journey.

Ryan says:
"I am overjoyed to have been welcomed into the Progressive Catholic Church and I look forward to working with Presiding Bishop Edmund Cass and the other Bishops on the Council to spread the love of God and the Gospel to the people of the United Kingdom. I thank them for their blessings that have been offered in our talks. Now it’s time to start establishing a UK Church."

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Paul Obertelli 20180906


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox talks to Paul Obertelli.

Paul says, "I am a pagan and anti globalist activist and have had an adventure that has seen me enter as a wiccan, become an odinist and seeing a spiritual awakening that's taking place that is what I see as the underlay of the political situation of today, the new world order."

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Giri Ramgopal 20180830


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox talks to Giri Ramgopal about his research into the right side of the brain and how it is connected to spirituality.

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Alyson Dunlop 20180816


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox talks to Scotland based Alyson Dunlop. Alyson hosts ADXFiles radio and is an Author.

Alyson says:

"I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2005 with a degree in classics. Studying the classics allowed me to look at ancient religions and magic, subjects which I was greatly drawn to. My dissertation was on Erotic Magic of the Ancients. I figured if I had to write 12,000 words I should write about something I’d find interesting! I am a former English language teacher and cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapist. As well as being a classicist, I have also studied social psychology, psychology of addictions, and religion.

I have adapted a couple of stories, including the Bacchae by Euripides, which I merged with Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns for an exclusive showing at the Scottish Pagan Conference at the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh.

My love of symbolism has drawn me to Gnosticism and Liberal Catholicism, in which I am now very involved. I am a demonologist and angelologist, as well as a mystic and healer. I am hoping to become a trained exorcist in the future, and much of my own personal research is now taken up with this subject.

I head SPI Scotland, investigating and researching paranormal experiences. I also host and produce my own radio show, ADX-Files.

My lectures include: Demons and Dark Places; Angels: Our Celestial Allies; Faeries and Aliens; Eleusis: Mushrooms, Magic Potions and Mystical Experiences; Erotic Magic in the Ancient World; Clairsentience; and Symbolic Dream Hypnosis.

I co-organise the Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference. My talk for 2018 is entitled “What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism!” and is on the subject of possession and exorcism."

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David Ashworth 20180809


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox Of the Valentinian Gnostic Church Talks To David Ashworth about his spiritual journey in life. David Ashworth is a Visionary; a trailblazer, philosopher; an original thinker and doer; an author. As his own evolution continues to unfold, David continually rolls back the boundaries of what we consider possible in spiritual work.

Visit to find out more about David and his incredible work.

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