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Understanding Spirit

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Constantine St.Michael 20190221


Episode Description:
Host Reverend Alan Cox talks to Constantine St.Michael. Constantine is an intuitive, musician, artist, observer, philosopher, explorer, adventurer and a paranormal investigator with "Deadline Paranormal". This is a rearranged show because of technical problems on the 24th January.

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Antoinette Holden 20181206


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox talks to UK based medium Antoinette Holden about her work and spiritual knowledge.

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Bishop David Parry 20181129


Episode Description:
Host Alan Cox welcomes Bishop David Parry. David and Alan start a new show on Sunday 2nd December 2018 at 9 am. They will be talking about the new show and recent events within the Valentinian church of Great Britain.

55.3 MB
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George Whyllie 20181108


Episode Description:
By popular demand Father Alan Cox welcomes Scotland based psychic George Whyllie back to the show.

George says:
"Hello and thank you for taking time to visit my page. I have worked as a spiritual medium for many years and discovered my gift at a very young age and have worked with spirit ever since. Spirit has taken me all over the world with my gift aiming to bringing love and light to the people I have met. I am still very connected to the spiritual movement and all things Spiritual. My journey is too long to go into on here but I hope at some point I would get the pleasure of meeting you on a one to one, group or function basis. I wish love and light to you all, Thank you".

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Mr. Haunted 20181101


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox welcomes the return to Understanding Spirit of paramania radios own "Mr Haunted", Jimmy Petonito. Jimmy will be sharing his paranormal experiences.

54.7 MB
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Russell James 20181025


Episode Description:
Host Father Alan Cox to Russell James of the Socialist Workers Party England. Russell will be talking about his beliefs and understanding of the world, especially about the UK and issues affecting Britain.

54.1 MB

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