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Mary Marshall 20180422


Episode Description:
Mary Marshall The Founder and Director of The Paranormal MD joins Tim to talk her work in the paranormal field, her books, and why it is so important to educate paranormal investigators.

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Andrea Perron 20180415


Episode Description:
Andrea Perron, author of "House of Darkness House of Light" the true story behind "The Conjuring"

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Cheryl Lynn Carter 20180401


Episode Description:
Host Tim Maile will be joined by Cheryl Lynn Carter. Cheryl is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Precognitor. She is a paranormal investigator, EVP specialist and historical researcher. She had her first paranormal experience at the age of four. Ever since then she has had an affinity for seeking answers about the afterlife. She is an international author of “Whispers Beyond the Grave” which is the true account of her strange, scary, but mostly cool encounters with the many spirits from the other side.

As she began to delve into the genealogy of her family, she was not prepared for what she would encounter. Ancestors began to “speak” to her divulging so much more than anyone could ever uncover on the Census. As she held photos in her hand, they began to tell their story. One such conversation enabled her to locate the unmarked grave of her Great Aunt who passed away in 1880. Another relative related the details of his murder in 1851 in Cornwall. Her second book “Fear the Darkness” is a compilation of short dark stories with the flavor of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.

She is an ITC Application Tester for ITC Legions Applications. (Instrumental TransCommunication)

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Josh Weimer 20180325


Episode Description:
t is Wrestlemania season and with that comes Fox Cities Wrestling Radio! Josh Weimer, part owner of ACW Wisconsin joins me to talk about Wrestlemania and also ACW's big event in Oshkosh, ACW Watercity Wrestlecon 2018 April 21st!

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Justin Libigs 20180318


Episode Description:
Justin Libigs joins us to talk about First Ward School and the struggles he faces with the city in which he resides when it comes to First Ward. We will also talk about investigative styles and touch on some health issues Justin and his family are having. Does paranormal research have anything to do with health scares for investigators in Justin's opinion?

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James Annitto 20180311


Episode Description:
James Annitto joins Tim to discuss how family has changed his views and time allotted for the paranormal field. We will talk about his passion for the field and touch on all subjects, including James' passion, Demonology.

53.0 MB

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